Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dolphin's Nose

We had a great day of sight seeing on our way up to Dolphin's Nose.  It was fun!

Just outside the gates of the garden we saw this fellow feeding a goat the top greens of his carrots.
 The houses in Ooty are very beautiful on the hillside.
gorgeous colors
 What a great view of the mountainside.
 The tea fields are so green.
 Elder Wigg over looking the hillside.
I am being daring standing up on the ledge of the lookout.
We are sure enjoying ourselves.

The houses on the Ooty hillside are so beautiful.

Elder Wigg & Karthik, our driver, enjoying a moment of joking.

Jacaranda Tree is beautiful!
Coonoor city center
Sim's Park in Coonoor

Lovely greenery
I love the little flower field.
I love flowers!
I love these flowers, too.
World Map...can you see India?
This is such a delicate flower. in the pond.

Lovely color.

Check out the symmetry.
Jerome is enjoying Sim's Park.
This is a little information on Ooty.
 It's pretty here, especially with so many fields of tea.
 So many of the roads are narrow and twisty, but we got through it.
This view is a little hazy as it's looking far, toward Coimbatore.
This sign says we are at 6000 feet above sea level.
Hmmm, how are they gonna get past each other?  One backed up until the other one had enough space to get by then they passed each other fine.
I jumped a bit, startled, when I saw these 2 tigers near me.

There was horseback riding for kids.  Cute.
Such a beautiful view.
This monkey and some of his friends were climbing the edge of the cliff, eating popcorn bits.
 Here you can purchase snacks, but we aren't allowed to eat off the carts.
This is the photographers station.
 This is the little viewpoint gazebo at the highest point of the lookout.
 Here we are, the sightseers!
 Karthik is the photographer at the moment.
 Karthik posing for me with Elder Wigg
 Dolphin's Nose was great to see. We had lots of fun.
This sign is great!  It needs greater advertising, though!
 This is Karthik's Ford Fiesta that he drives as a cab.  It's a nice little car for Indian roads.
 This boy was filling all the tires of cars and bikes as they needed.
He gets paid 3 to 5 rupees (6 to 10 cents) for his work.
Construction of an overpass outside of Coimbatore.
They say that construction takes a long time, not only because so much is done by hand, but also because the workers are paid as they work and when the job is done, they won't get paid anymore, so they work slowly.

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