Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Elders

The India Bangalore Mission got some new American Elders into the field this past week.  
Here are their photos.

 Elder Newbill

 Elder Gardiner

 Elder Mills

 Elder Peterson

Elder McDonald

Elder Mecham
 Sister Jebamani, from Chennai, has been called to serve her mission in Philippines Naga.
 President Funk at the setting apart of Sister Jebamani.
 Look! It's Sister Wigg with the new Americans that have come to volunteer their time in service to the Lord and to the Indian people!
6 New American Elders posing with the Assistants.
l-r: Elder Newbill, Elder Gardiner (down), Elder McDonald (up), Elder Mills (down), Elder Mecham, Elder Peterson
and the Assistants: Elder Sharma & Elder Vinck.

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