Sunday, April 29, 2012


It was time for little 4 year old Emmanuel to get a haircut and his parents asked me if I could do it.

Of course, I said sure.
 These first 2 photos, his hair is cut in a bowl cut, almost straight around.
I should have had a picture with dry hair first, to see the contrast better.
 His hair is wet, ready to cut.
 Now he is looking like a little boy, with nice short hair.
 It was pretty funny, because he was so wiggly and couldn't sit still.  He kept flicking the hair off the cape with his hands from underneath, you know, hitting the cape and sending the hair flying into the air!
 Now, look how good!
 Emmanuel is such a cute little guy.
 He then had a fun time running around the kitchen (once he got the itchy cape and shirt off) striking a pose!
 Here he is up on the island, having fun.
I'm not sure if this is karate, or showing the muscles? But look how adorable he looks!!

Manny, you will be a future amazing missionary!

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