Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eventful Weekend

This has been an eventful Weekend.

Firstly, Elder Tewari finished his mission and went home to the USA.

Elder Tewari with President Funk.

Secondly, we spent a lovely date night out with Elder and Sister Kellerstrass.
 They are a wonderful couple that we have totally enjoyed getting to know.  We also really appreciate the help with special projects around the office which they have willingly and efficiently accomplished.
But they really want to get back to Sri Lanka.  It's hard to be patient waiting for a visa to be extended!

We ate dinner at the 'Highnote' Restaurant on 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. It was great.
There is another restaurant/bar downstairs called 'B Flat'.  Funny!

Thirdly, we went for lunch at the Mission Home on Sunday.
This is Elder & Sister Heiner from Hong Kong.
They are on a Medical Service Mission for the Church. They are travelling around the mission checking out certain hospitals to see which are the best to send our Elders when they need something.  They are wonderful and it is a great service they are doing!

 President & Sister Funk with Elder & Sister Heiner.
 The Brethren, in a tight spot!  (3 in the back of the 7 seater Ford Explorer type)

Fourthly, Sister Domnic is going on her mission!!
She had her call to serve on Temple Square back in August, I think.  She has been preparing and then waiting since then.  So she finally, about 2 weeks ago, got her final visa packet to finish the application process.  She went for her interview on 6th Feb, got her visa on the 9th. We booked her flights on the 10th and she took the train into Bangalore with her family on the 11th.  She was set apart on 12th Feb, flew out on the 13th and reported to the MTC in Provo on time on the 14th!!  So crazy!
 This is President William and President Funk with Sister Domnic and her family after her setting apart.
 Sister Domnic with her Parents
 Sister Domnic will be a wonderful asset to the efforts and teaching on Temple Square!
Sister Domnic stayed overnight at our apartment and we were able to have a really good visit.
She is a sweet young lady and has a great testimony and desire to serve.  She is tiny, about 5 feet tall, and has long black hair, down past her bottom.

Here she is at the airport, with passport in hand, ready to check in for her flight.
We had to get up at 4 am to get her to the airport on time.

She is going to have the time of her life!  She will meet so many wonderful people and have such great companions.  She will probably make some lifelong friends during this 1 1/2 years! As well, she will build an even stronger base for her future family and develop some amazing leadership skills.
Good luck, bye for now!

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