Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Farewell to Four

It was the end of 2 years of service for 4 Elders.  
We said our 'goodbyes' at President and Sister Funk's Farewell Dinner and Fireside in the evening.

 Elder John, Elder Ardhila, Elder Tamang, Elder Teki at the Office in the afternoon.
 Which picture do you like better?  Natural light (above) or this one with a flash?
 President Funk with the departing missionaries.
 Now Elder & Sister Wigg join in.
 We have sure enjoyed the Elders.  
We have spent 4 months with Elder Ardhila in the office. We have known Elder Teki quite well as he was serving nearby.  We didn't know Elder John and Tamang very well, but we know they are good guys and we have enjoyed them when we have seen them.
 Elder Ardhila, Elder Teki, Elder Tamang & Elder John
They have served faithfully for 2 years and are returning home with honour.  Good work, Elders!
 When President & Sister Funk began their mission, these 4 Elders were pretty new, only 6 months into their missions.
 Setting up for the group photo. 
After a fabulous Roast Beef dinner and testimonies and stories of their missions during the fireside, we prepared for some group photos.
 Elder Teki gets to be in control of the camera remote.
 This is the group in attendance at the Mission Home for the Farewell Dinner and Fireside in honour of the departing Elders.

They are: Elder Tamang, Elder Ardhila, Elder Smith, Sister Funk, President Funk, Elder John, Elder Prabhakar, Elder Teki
Front row: Sister Wigg, Elder Wigg, Elder Kellerstrass, Sister Kellerstrass

 Elder John
 Elder Teki
 Farewell to Four: Elder Ardhila, Elder John, Elder Tamang, Elder Teki (I love this picture!)
 The fabulous four, with the Assistants.  
Elder Prabhakar is saying, one moment please, as he is on the phone.
 The Elders always have a great time.
 Showing some love to Elder Wigg!

 Sister Wigg getting into the shots, too.
Momma Funk with four of her boys who are leaving her, to venture out into the world.

I'm quite sure we will see the southern India boys sometimes but not so likely with the Delhi boys.

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