Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Companionships

There will be many new Companionships as it is 'Transfer Week'!

 Elder Prabhakar and Elder Smith, the Assistants to the President
Okay, this isn't a new companionship, but it's a forever companionship!!

Here are the newest American/Indian companionships.
 Elder Emrich & Elder Srigiri
 Elder Sambaria & Elder Bown
 Elder Mattes & Elder Sampara
Elder R Kumar & Elder Wallace
 Elder Sommer & Elder Sodadasi
 Elder Stoll & Elder P Kumar
 Elder Ram & Elder Tracy
Elder Aruldoss & Elder J Hodgson

They are a great group of young men ready to represent The Lord in his service!

Here are President & Sister Funk with the 8 New American Elders.

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