Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hiking in the Hills

Elder Wigg went with the Bangalore 1st Branch Elders Quorum hiking up into the hills north of Bangalore.

 They stopped for breakfast here in this little area which was on the outskirts of Bangalore.
 This looks like a good market.

 The breakfast bunch.
 Charles and Samuel chowing down.
 Nearby they were cleaning chickens.
 This looks like cement construction.
 Elder Wigg, my eternal sweetheart!
 This is a great view.

 This is a gorgeous view of the area.

 Lunch was made at the end of the hike back down at the bottom of the hill.
 We had rice biryani with deep fried chicken.
 Elder Wigg posing with the cook.
 Yes, they are tired out by the end of the hike.
 Jacob, Marshall, Elder Wigg, Terrence
 The whole group
It was a fun day.  Elder Wigg had no pain while walking all day but he did catch a little sun on his nose.

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