Monday, February 6, 2012

A Walk in the Park

On Saturday, our preparation day, after doing our grocery shopping and eating out lunch at the Mexican Restaurant (See Mexican Food Fest), we went for a walk in the park.

Baskar took us to a nearby park which boasts a jogging track and boat rides.

This is K R Puram Kere.

 The park is nicely maintained and lovely today with a slight breeze blowing.

 This is the jogging track with benches along to rest.
 Here is the boating dock.
 There were many large birds in the trees; Grey Heron (shown here) and Cormorants and Pelicans plus a few Little Egrets.
 Grey Heron, in flight, is a majestic bird.

 He is fishing and she is rowing.  This is a traditional boat, just a circle or bowl of plastic.
 Grey Heron
 This lake is full of fish.  Here, look closely and you can see the suckers eye and mouth.
 Gorgeous Bougainvillea along the jogging track.
 This was a bridge too far.
 Indian Pond Heron in flight shows his white wings.
 This is a shot of the houses that border the lake.  They are large and pretty houses.

These next 4 pictures are artistic in nature.  I love the colors and God's creative artwork in the shapes and patterns in the water.  Take a moment and just enjoy them.

Pretty, eh?

 Grey Heron, in flight
 This is a great shot of the underbelly of this spider.
 Who says there are no Mallards in this part of India.  
The coloring is a little different, but it sure looks like a Mallard to me.
 There were lots of birds to see.  It was a beautiful day.
White-browed Wagtail, a cute little energetic bird.

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