Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sari Sunday

Yup!  This is the day!  I got my sari and wore it to Church on Sunday.

Hema, our landlady, came up to help me dress.  She taught me how to fold the sari correctly.  It's not easy.
 It is fun to dress up like a true Indian lady.
 How do you like my sari?
I love the embroidery, seen here better from the back.
 Elder Wigg and I, in the Bangalore 1st Branch courtyard.
Do you recognize me in my newest Indian outfit?  It's quite comfortable to wear.  
So many people commented and said, "Looking good in a sari, Sister Wigg!"
 There was a family of 4 baptized today.  It was wonderful.  
Manjula is the sister, along with her husband and 2 children.
 Manjula and her family, shown here with the Senior Couple, the Wigg's.
Elder Sampara is being transferred this week, so he wanted a picture with us.  
Pictured here are Elder Wigg, Elder Sampara, Sister Wigg, Elder Sodadasi.
These Elders are great servants of the Lord as they work so hard.


  1. Gorgeous Sari! That color is pretty on you. Hope you wear it when you come back so we can see how it is wrapped. Very interesting.

  2. Ma, Your Sari is so beautiful! I love the embroidery. It is so simple yet fancy. I love it, looks great!