Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jerome's Indian Bride

When President Funk saw me wearing my new Indian outfit on Friday at the Office, he asked Jerome if he had taken a picture of his new Indian Bride yet!!  It took me a minute to realize that was me!

The Indian ladies love lots of colour and I am enjoying that.

The leggings here are called 'churidar' and are snug fitting.  The dress, or long top, is called 'kurta'.

There is also a looser longer dress and pyjama type pants called 'salwar kameez' which I haven't tried yet.

Some people say that I need a scarf with this outfit and others say that it's alright without one.
I love the detail!

Then on Sunday, to Church, I wore my other outfit.  It is so comfortable to wear and I love the colours!

I believe this is also a 'churidar kurta' combination.

A couple ladies today told me I should try a sari next.

I had so much fun dressing up and posing for the camera.  
Normally I'm on the other side of the lens, as you know.

I learned today that you don't wear the scarf wrapped around the neck, like this.  The last few pictures I have the scarf on correctly!

It was a perfectly beautiful day today and the breeze was just perfect to show off my lovely scarf.  I have heard it called a 'stole' but I'm not sure if all scarves are called that or just the thicker, winter type.

These shots were taken outside the front of our apartment.  Jerome is going to make a good photographer someday!

This is the other set of kurta (top) and churidar (leggings) that I bought.  Do you like?

Ok, that'll be all the pictures of me for awhile!

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  1. Love your outfits! So fun.

    P.S. I like how you take note of the details on everything too. So interesting to read.