Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Mysore

Gorgeous Birds!  You knew this was coming!

We stopped at Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary for 3 hours on our way from Kabini River Lodge back to Bangalore.  Gowda, our driver, just waited in the car, which was sad, I thought, but then he didn't have to pay to come inside the Park.

 The greenery was beautiful and well tended.
 This is the central sign post.
 We took a little row boat for half an hour with our own personal guide.  It was great fun and we learned the names of all the birds that we were seeing.  
I also saw a 'Eurasian Marsh Harrier' but didn't get a picture.  He was just too fast and flew off.  Or maybe I was just too slow with the camera.  That does happen occasionally.
 This is a 'Garganey' Duck.  Not sure if we have these back home or not.

 This is a new bird, 'Asian Koel'.  
It is sometimes mistaken for a crow, but, take note, it has a green bill and red eye.

 This 'Eurasian Spoonbill' is so beautiful!

 The 'White-browed Wagtail' actually wags his tail up and down.

 I love the dance of the 'White-throated Fantail'.  Fun to watch as he is jumping all around from branch to branch and spinning to show off his fanned out tail.  It's also hard to catch on a digital camera, so I'm pretty lucky.
 Here's a 'White-throated Fantail'.
 I believe this is an 'Oriental Magpie Robin'.
 Red-whiskered Bulbul. We saw this bird in Lalbagh in Bangalore, as well. He has that funny feather crest on the top of his head.  It looks like a horn but it's just feathers.
 Marsh Crocodile
 Fruit Bats
'Asian Openbill' Stork

 This is a 'Eurasian Spoonbill'.

 This is a 'River Tern'.

 Why does this 'Painted Stork' sit in the tree with his mouth wide open?
 A family of 'Spot-billed Pelicans' in the tree.
 Swamp Crocodile - doesn't he look like he's smiling?
 Painted Stork landing in a nearby tree.
 This guy has 2 names; 'Stone Plover' or 'Great Thick-knee'.
 This is such a perfect shot of the 'Painted Stork'!
 I looked at this 'Red-wattled Lapwing' and couldn't figure out, at first, why it had such short legs.  
Then I noticed that it's kind of kneeling down!  Funny!
 This is a good view of the terrain.  Perfect for many water birds.
 Swamp Crocodile lying in wait for some unsuspecting lunch to swim by.
 Spot-billed Pelican taking off from the water.
 White-browed Wagtail, collecting twigs for his nest. 
 Tickell's Blue Flycatcher
 This is 'Tickell's Blue Flycatcher'.  It's perhaps the most beautiful small bird that we've seen.
 I think this looks more like 'Hill's Blue Flycatcher', but it's not supposed to be found in this area.
Jerome took the opportunity to take a picture while he had the camera in his hands.  It doesn't happen very often.

We had such a fun couple of days visiting Ranganathittu, Kabini and Nagarahole National Park.  By the time we got home at 7 pm Saturday night, we were tired but happy and feeling blessed to have seen and experienced so much.

Here is Gowda as he dropped us off that night.  Thanks for driving safely, Gowda. 
(Gowda is the same age as Preston, turning 34 this year in March)

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