Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kabini Boat Safari!

We had a great boat safari on Saturday morning at Kabini River Lodge. 

It didn't start out very great, as it was nothing but fog at first.  It took an hour and a half to begin to clear. But then it was wonderful and well worth the trip.

 This is our boat first thing in the morning.  You can see it is really foggy.
 We left the dock at 6:30, so early!  Yes, we look pretty tired here.
 This is the best we could see for the first hour.  This is a 'Black-headed Ibis'.
There wasn't even enough contrast for the camera to focus much of the time.
 Little Egret out in the fog!
 Great Egret looks lost in a sea of fog!
 Slowly we began to see a few things.  Cormorant in it's nest.
 'Snake Neck' or 'Darter' though I would have called it 'Anhinga'.
 Grey Heron (and around him looks all grey, too!)
 Now we are beginning to see some colour!  This is a 'Spot-billed Duck'.  Pretty, eh?
 I think this is a 'Wood Sandpiper'.
 Jungle Fowl
 I was super excited to see this 'Malabar Pied Hornbill'!
 He flew right by us then posed in a tree, but he was quite far away.  And still it's foggy.
 This is a 'Little Cormorant'.  I love to catch birds in flight!
 An 'Osprey' is a magnificent bird!
 This Osprey is looking directly at the camera!  So cool!
So gorgeous in flight!
'Crested Serpent Eagle'  It looks like he has a black cap on his head, but that's feathers.
'Woolly-necked Stork'
 Still one of my favourites, 'White-throated Kingfisher'.
 Wild pig
 Stripe-necked Mongoose
 Grey Heron perfectly posed.
 Male 'Spotted Deer'
'Common Greenshank'
 We were being watched by some of the locals.
 This is a better look at the 'Black-headed Ibis'.
 Nice looking 'Grey Heron'
 This is our guide.  He was very helpful with the names of the birds and waiting while we took some pictures.  It was great fun once the sun burned off the fog.
 Jerome, waiting while I go off to take a couple bird shots.
 And, guess what?  I saw a new bird called 'Citrine Wagtail'. He's quite pretty!
 We had a few minutes after the breakfast buffet to catch a few zzzz's.
 Jerome looks very comfortable, doesn't he?
 I was excited to see a 'Purple Sunbird Eclipse'!
 And, yes, there were monkey's roaming around the grounds.

 'Ashy Drongo'  I love the red eye.
 There were some gardens planted with flowers.  Very beautiful, though I don't know this flower.

 I looked up the name of this butterfly.  
He's a 'Tailed Jay' or 'Green-spotted Triangle'.  Interesting names.

 This is the road that we came in and out on.  It's crazy bumpy.  You could lose your car in some of the potholes!
 This is the public water pump.  And there is a lady doing her laundry at the river.
 'Glossy Ibis'  Very pretty!
 This is a 'Brahminy Kite'.  He reminds me of a Bald Eagle.


  1. You AMAZE me with your knowledge of so many kinds of birds. How do you keep the names straight. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

  2. It's like any learning that you do, just one name at a time, here a little, there a little. If it's interesting to you, then you make an effort to study some and when you see it live, up close and personal, it's way easier to remember.

    We are having a great time, loving the area, the people and the experiences.