Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flower Show at Lalbagh

We took a couple hours in the afternoon to go to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens for the Republic Day Flower Show.  It was so fun and beautiful.  The air was even perfumed!

 Welcome to Lalbagh!  It's a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors.
 We arrived at about 2 pm.
 Pretty fountain
 This is a gazebo in the center of the park.
 From the main gates, we pass this fountain on the way to see the flowers.
 This is the main display of the flower show inside the Glass House.
 The colors are so great, truly vibrant.
 The flowers are amazing.  This flower display is on for a week, surrounding 26 January, Republic Day.

 Flowers here are like water flowing from a pot.

 I think this is 'Lilies' and 'Bird of Paradise'.
 Peacock feathers were used in this flower arrangement.
 Here is a cute display using a horse planter.

 So gorgeous, but can't remember the name of this flower.
 They had such great lines and colors.
 Elder & Sister Kellerstrass accompanied us to Lalbagh.
 It was such a beautiful day and we had a great time.

 I think these are yellow roses.
 Mostly roses and carnations, I believe.
 The picture on the left is made with grains of rice.  The one on the right is made with mustard seeds.
 This artwork of the Taj Mahal is made with rice.

 This is the Glass House where most of the flower show is located.
 There were many kiosks where people sold their goods. But look at the size of the trees!
 This is the ice cream salesman.
 This lady is cooking corn to sell.
 This is a health food store.
 This is local art work for sale.  I like the little hanging bird's nest.  The bird is a 'Baya Weaver'.
 The indians love color and these handbags are so colorful.  Sometimes they call it a 'vanity bag'.
 These are potted plants for sale. You can have your own herb garden.
 I think these are watermelons, growing like grapes on plants suspended in the air.
 This is an enormous tree.  They are wonderful as they offer such great shade from the hot sun.
This sign refers to the rose garden that exists here year round. You can look from outside the fence, but you can't go in or pick the flowers.

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