Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sharing Time Together

We have been sharing time with several people this week.

The first person on our list is the new missionary, Elder Nelapati, who arrived on Wednesday, was set apart as a missionary on Thursday and departed that night for the Philippines MTC in Manila.

 Elder Nelapati with President Funk after the setting apart.
He will return in 3 weeks to serve his mission in the India Bangalore Mission.

 I made a large pot of beef stew and buns on Saturday for the lunch on Sunday.  
There were 6 Elders and another Senior Couple, the Kellerstrass', over for lunch after Church.
 The Elders (Sodadasi, Prabhakar & Kant) were helping me to set up the camera after dinner and dishes were finished.  They have fun at whatever they are doing.  They are just fun to have around.
 Of course, they are young and love to horse around.

During lunch, a couple jokes were told. At the end of one of the jokes no one laughed, it was dead silent in the room. Elder Kumbhakar said, "That joke is funny in Hindi, but it's not funny in English!"  We all hooted with laughter, as it came out so funny!

Here is our traditional after dinner picture.
Back: Elder Ardhila, Elder Sampara, Elder Kant, Elder Kumbhakar, Elder Prabhakar and Elder Sodadasi
Front: Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg, Sister Kellerstrass and Elder Kellerstrass

Elder & Sister Kellerstrass are doing service in Sri Lanka and they are here in India for a couple weeks while their visa is renewed.  It's so fun to hear their adventures and compare notes a little.

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