Sunday, January 8, 2012

Moving, In Rural India

While on our way to Nagarahole, we saw many interesting things.  

It is so amazing to see regular people at work, moving about their lives.  We can see that it's not an easy life!

 Ploughing the field in rural India is something to see!

 People going about their day, working as best they can to make a living.

 This is a classic shot, oxen waiting for the remainder of their load.

 What an interesting sight to see these oxen in the field!

 Working in the rice fields means back-breaking manual labor! Notice the terraced fields, which then retain the water much better.

 This watering hole still has water, but not for long.  Then when the rains come, it will fill up again.

 Work is not easy out in the fields of rural India!

 These oxen are getting a break from their labours.

 This ox cart is laden with sticks.

 You get to market however you can, even if it's holding on like this.
You'd get a ticket for doing this in Canada; it's illegal!

 Momma and child on a cool winter morning.

 This is a load of chikkudukaya, which is an Indian broad bean.

 Bikes laden with produce called Chikkudukaya, or chikidikai, or mochakai depending on what language you speak.  One is Kanada, one Telegu and Tamil (but not sure which is which!).

I had been trying to spell the name of this bean and got 3 different answers from 3 different people.  I asked, why does everyone give me a different answer?  That's because we are all from different places that speak different languages.  I had a truly 'ah ha' moment!

 Transporting rice straw used for cattle feed.

 We have come upon a local country market.  
Here the farmers bring their produce to sell to the city markets.

 Everyone is happy to be able to sell their produce for 10 rupees here and then it sells for 15 rupees in Bangalore.

 This is a look at the local market.

 You have to get your wares to the market however you can!

 Sometimes the cargo isn't just goods, but human, as well.

 Women carrying a load on their head is a common sight in India, especially in the country.

 This fellow was herding his 2 cows while on his bike!

Kids carry their own weight around here, too.

 Riding from one work location to the next.

Some straw huts in the village.

 What a long road with a heavy load!

 These 2 photos show the women separating the rice from the stalk of straw.

 Elder Wigg never tires of seeing the oxen pulling the farmer's cart.
Notice how the horns are painted.  Many times the farmer will paint the horns to keep better track of his own animals.  Yet sometimes it's just for decoration for an upcoming festival.

 Sooo much rice straw!

 Yes, we are going to drive between those two vehicles!

 Of course, on the move is the farmer and his herd of goats.

Now back to the small city of Mysore, you can see the new houses being built.

This is a new house development area on the outskirts of Mysore.

This is a pretty house.  Someone loves the colours of the rainbow and used them in the paint on their house.

So we can see the contrasts from the country and then back to the city, once again.

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