Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Regular Lunch Bunch!

We have the Regular Lunch Bunch at our apartment on Sunday.
 Elder Sampara & Elder Sodadasi
 Elder Kant & Elder Kumbhakar (doing dishes!)
Elder Ardhila & Elder Prabhakar (the Assistants)

Elder Ardhila is going home in 10 days, so I said I would cook him some hot food.  He said that he'd like Mexican food, so I made Beef & Bean Burritos and Chicken Fajitas with seasoned rice, refried beans, corn and apple crisp for dessert (and, of course, banana bread, his favourite).  It was good and fun.

Elder Ardhila has been our stalwart trainer in the Office.  He has been faithful through so many questions, mistakes, queries, interruptions and more questions.  Elder Katuka trained me but then he was transferred and still Elder Ardhila (such a great and humble man) stayed and carried on, helping, teaching and even translating the Indian English into Canadian English!  Even after Elder Pimsakul was transferred, we still had Elder Ardhila to lean on.

Many times when we couldn't understand the person on the other end of the phone, he patiently listened and explained to us so we could understand.  Thank you, Elder!
We will miss you.  But wait, I can still call you at home, right?

 This was sort of so-long to Elder Ardhila, and the guest of honor is sitting beside Elder Wigg.
Elder Kumbhakar, Elder Kant, Elder Sampara, Elder Sodadasi, Elder Kellerstrass, Sister Kellerstrass
Front: Elder Wigg, Elder Ardhila, Sister Wigg, Elder Prabhakar

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  1. It's so funny to see your big group pictures after Sunday dinner! Some things never change, even in India. Is it easier to get a dozen elders to sit nicely instead of a dozen grandkids?