Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An Indian Wedding

We found out at 5 pm that there was going to be a wedding at the Church at 5:30 so we went home to get my camera and walked to the Church.

It was great to be there to learn and experience the fun and joy of the couple getting married.

 This is Vallar and Bharat
 What a cute couple they make.
 Vallar has been a member of Bangalore 1st Branch so we have seen her lots.
 The Beautiful Bride!
 We waited around for almost an hour for things to get started, though this doesn't surprise us anymore.

But I need to tell you the story.  This young couple registered with the Indian Government in December and so, by law, they were married at that time. 

But they still want to stay close to the traditions and culture of their families, so they are holding this small Church wedding (like a ring ceremony) for family and friends to join in the celebration.

This is almost like a Church meeting, in some ways, as we opened and closed with a Hymn and prayer.

But then again, it's like a wedding reception as there were talks about the groom and bride and some counsel about keeping the marriage strong.

Now follow along with the pictures and I'll tell the rest of the story soon!
 This is President Anthony's family.  He is presiding and conducting the wedding.
 Aren't these children adorable!
 What a sweet family!
 So the bride, Vallar, is being patient while the rest of the guests arrive.
 Asha leads the music for the hymns.  Everyone sings with gusto.
 Vivian gave the spiritual thoughts and marriage counsel.
 Now Bharat ties 3 nuptial knots in the cord around Vallar's neck.  These knots represent 3 gods in the Hindu religion, but it is done now more as a symbol of tying the knot.
 Next they present to the other a garland of flowers and place it over the others head.
 Everyone clapped and shouted congratulations during this part.
 Now they are married, for the 2nd time, in fact.

But still, they don't consider themselves married yet.  

The law and government consider them to be married and so does the family, according to their beliefs, but the bride and groom, themselves, are waiting until next Monday, one week away, when they will be sealed together in the Hong Kong Temple!

Their faith in the Saviour is giving them the strength and desire to wait another week until they can be sealed together forever.  What a great example of courage and faith!

Next week I hope to get another picture or 2 to add to this storyboard.

 All the friends gathered around and wished them congratulations!
 Pictures were taken with family. This is Vallar's mother and brother.
 These are some neighbours who attended.

 Also friends were included in the photos.  This is Prem (from the Service Center) and Princy.
 These friends are Jonas (from the Service Center) and Asha.
 Here is Vivian (also from upstairs) and Kiran (who is being married on the 18th).
 This is Neel (also works upstairs) and his wife Preshanti.
Here is the Office Couple, enjoying the moment.
 President Anthony with his family and his niece.
 The Wedding Cake
 They cut the cake, same as our tradition.
 And fed each other a bite.

 These children are very handsome looking and sweet.
 Then there were more pictures taken with family.
 And friends
 We are happy to be included in this great group of young people!
These are all the return missionaries.  All but 3 served in this mission.  Elder Wigg served in California and Vallar, the bride, served on Temple Square, Salt Lake City.  Asha served in England.
All knew Bharat, except Elder Wigg and I, when he got baptized several years ago. Pretty amazing!

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