Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shopping with Shankar

We needed a few things which required an Indian touch, so we asked Shankar if he would come with us and help negotiate the purchase.  
Sometimes white skin means that you pay more, but if you know what the normal price would be, as Indians do, then that levels the playing field.

 Shankar (on the far left) is buying some bananas for us, but this isn't the purchase that we wanted help with.  
We bought a bed frame and mattress for the spare bedroom for guests when they come.

 This is the flower stand that we bought flowers from.  They sell by the length of the fingertip to elbow for about 10 or 15 rupees.

This is the market along New Thippasandra Road, HAL III stage.
It's very interesting to see all the things for sale along this road.

 These photos show the way destruction takes place.  It is totally manual labor by sledgehammer.

 This shows the way construction takes place.  It is totally manual labor. 
The guy mixes the cement on the roadside and loads it into bins.

 The women and children carry the load of cement on their heads and dump it, with help, in the wooden frames.  It's crazy to watch.

 These are our purchases today.  Lovely multigrain bread at the bakers, local bananas from the street vendor and 2 'goas' (never tried them yet) also from the street vendor, with Shankar's help.

 These are the flowers that we bought.  
They usually wear them, I think, but I just love the sweet perfumed air in our apartment!

Our pretty purchases for the day.

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