Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bangalore District Conference

What a great weekend!  We have enjoyed a spiritual feast from the speakers and leaders at Bangalore District Conference for the past 2 days.

President Kent D. Watson from the Asia Area Presidency has been here visiting members, counselling with President Funk and speaking at District Conference Sessions. 

Elder Wigg and I had the opportunity to feed the leaders lunch, twice!  It was great!  
We provided the physical feast; chicken and cheese & tomato sandwiches, veggies, fruit and brownies.

 Lunch is ready, let's eat!

 The children are so beautiful in India!  I love their dark hair and big, dark eyes.  Some of the girls I have seen have hair down past their bottoms; so long and slightly curly.

Here is Prem and his new bride, just recently married in Philippines Manila Temple.  
Aren't they a cute couple?

Sometimes it can be hard to get the photographer into the shot, but there I am. 

 This is the new Bangalore District Presidency with President Stephen in the center.

 This is the whole District Presidency including Executive Secretary and Clerk.

 President Watson was kind enough to pose with Elder Wigg and I.

 What an amazing and brilliant man Elder Watson is.  He is a great speaker and brings the Spirit with him wherever he goes.  It's really inspiring to listen to him talk about India and his love for the people, especially the children, as well as his vision & dreams for India.

 Don't you think Elder Wigg is looking good?  He looks rested and thinner!

 President and Sister Funk are dedicated and hard working.  
They are always busy serving the Lord, the Elders and the people of India.

It was a wonderful weekend of learning, laughing, crying, eating and socializing.


  1. You both look wonderful. What a wonderful service you are rendering. Our best to both of you.

  2. Gladys, these are such beautiful people, and I envy the sights you are seeing. I had several students from India and just loved their precise English. You must love working with those wonderful missionaries!