Saturday, December 24, 2011

Visiting Hyderabad (edited)

Elder Wigg and I flew to Hyderabad to visit Elder and Sister Sharma who are serving a Family History mission.  They are from Delhi.  
It was a fun trip and we saw many wonderful sights and met many great people during our 3 days there.

Madinaguda Chapel in Hyderabad District.

 Elder & Sister Sharma, working in the Family History Center.

I was able to help the Sharmas with a few things on

 Jerome's the photographer, for a change.

This is baby Samuel, just 2 months old. He's such a sweetie pie!

 He has a couple problems and is very tiny.  He will need heart surgery next summer.

 We were invited to lunch at Brother Suresh and his sweet wife, Sowmiya's house.  I was impressed with this sign they had on the wall where the shoes are kept.

 And this is their Christmas tree decorated by their daughter, Blessy.

Brother Suresh and his sweet family at the Botanical Garden.

 Spotted Dove

 There was a cute little park right next to our hotel where we saw these amazing sights.

This is a male Purple-rumped Sunbird that I saw just outside our Best Western Hotel in Hyderabad.

 What a gorgeous butterfly! This is a 'Common Jezebel'.

 This is the bee that the Bee-eater us looking for.  He wants his lunch.

 This is a Green Bee-eater, so pretty!

 This is a female Purple Sunbird.  The male is black and dark purple but I haven't seen him yet.

This is an 'Eclipse' of a Purple Sunbird.  I think that means a slight deviant from the norm.

Again a Purple Sunbird.  She is a pretty bird, but not as striking as the male.

I think this is a young male Purple Sunbird who doesn't have all his adult feathers yet.

Some parts of Hyderabad are built up with condos and apartments but it's not cheap to buy a house or land in India.

 It's interesting to see the herd of cows walking down the road.
 And this fellow riding his camel right among the cars at the side of the road was amazing to see.

 These ladies are headed to the work site.

 This is a roadside stand in Madinaguda.

 At Blessy's school the kids were having sports day and here is the volleyball game in progress.

 These ladies are carrying the load as many do in India.
If you look closely you can see the pink bundle is wet as it's dripping on the right side.

 Many markets look like this.  You just tell the person what you want and they pick it for you, weigh it and bag it and you pay and you're on your way.

 This fellow is transporting his wares to the customer.

Hyderabad Botanical Gardens

 India's National Flower is the Lotus.

 Sowmiya is a beautiful woman, and such a sweet lady.

This is a gorgeous park!

This building is so interesting, especially to the children.

 Giant cactus

 Indian Pond Heron - has totally white wings in flight.

 Little Cormorant

 Suresh is so much on the phone. (that's how they say it here)

 a lovely Lotus

 Blessy is 6 and what a cute little girl!

 We are headed over to the Rose gardens.

These ladies are sweeping the grass, cleaning up the leaves.

The Rose Garden

 Ya gotta stop and smell the roses!


This looks like an Alberta Wild Rose


Little Grebe and baby.  The baby crawled up under momma's wing while we watched.  It was funny.

 Intermediate Egret
 White-breasted Waterhen

White-throated Kingfisher is so beautiful!

 White-throated Kingfisher in flight
 White-browed Wagtail
Common Kingfisher
 Little Egret (I love his black legs with yellow feet!)
 Red-wattled Lapwing

At the end of the day there were such soft colors on the horizon.

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