Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Lunch

It was Sunday Lunch at the Wigg's house today.  We had beef stew with homemade bread and cookies for dessert.  Only one of the 4 Elders had ever had stew before.  It was interesting to hear them call it 'Pioneer Food'. 

It is always fun to have the Elders over.  And they are so appreciative!  That's always nice.  They like everything, are always polite, say thank you, and always eat without complaint!  
I think we can all take a lesson!

 How come Elder Wigg is getting all the attention?  A massage?  Lucky!

 Other preparations for the photo include getting Elder Wigg's hair done.

 Elder Nakkapalli, Elder Pimsakul, Elder Ardhila and Elder Kant hanging out over lunch at Elder and Sister Wigg's apartment (in front of the Christmas Tree).

Elder Wigg & Elder Nakkapalli, best buds!

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