Saturday, December 31, 2011

Training the Masses

Elder Wigg and I participated in the New Missionary Training last week after we had 9 new Elders arrive in the IBM (India Bangalore Mission).

We always enjoy the Elders as they have such a wonderful spirit about them.

 Elder Wigg was a good sport to wear the Santa hat, even though I know he didn't want to.  
I asked him to, and he says that he always gets the last word, "Yes, dear".

 Elder Wigg taught about the banking and other finances, plus the renting of apartments.

 He always enjoys the missionaries, as well.  He is a 'people' person.

 Here we have Elder Higgins, Elder Westwood, Elder Dangwal, Elder Anand, Elder Thanniru, Elder Thomas and Elder Lara

 Do I look like Mrs. Santa?

 This is Elder Barlow, Elder Chelladurai, Elder Ramaraj, Elder Massey and Elder Watts

 Here we have Elder Thomas, Elder Lara, Elder Dass, Elder Badireddy, Elder Edens, Elder Worton and Elder Fitzpatrick

I did some training on baptismal records and passed out their phone # list and their personal pocket sized passport id that I make for each Elder.

 This is Baskar, our trusty auto driver.

 This is Sampath, the President's driver.  That is the vehicle that Sampath drives daily, in the background.

We are heading back to the Office in the auto that we use most frequently, Baskar.  We think that he is a safe driver and we feel quite comfortable riding with him, plus he knows all the places that we need to go as the mission presidents have used him for years now.

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