Sunday, December 25, 2011

4 on a bike

We attended Church in Madinaguda 1st and 2nd Branches on Sunday while in Hyderabad.
It was interesting watching people arrive at Church. 

 This is the guard that watches the gates into the Church parking lot.

 A beautiful chapel in Madinaguda, Hyderabad District.

 Some people arrived 2 on a bike.

 This sister traveled by auto to Church.

 Some arrived with 3 on a bike.

 Some families ride 4 on a bike.  Very funny to see them arrive at Church!

 This sister rides side-saddle.

 This little doll is so cute.  She didn't like the idea of getting her picture taken much.

Look at this dress!  It is so pretty.  The little girls are especially dressed up for Church.  
It was the Primary Children's Presentation today, so everyone was dressed in their very best.

This is the local Branch President and the District President. leaving for home. 

 The people seem to manage to get where they need to go with all their things!

 This was the first sunset that we have seen.  The pollution seems to be worse in Hyderabad.

But it makes a lovely sunset picture, eh?

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