Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Sister

This is my Sister Anushya!

I was so excited for this sweet little Sister Anushya to go on her mission.  She had been delayed and was just barely able to make her date for her MTC in Provo this time.

I had worked so hard for her getting all her documents in order, helping her with her extra medical required for her visa, a little shopping and discussing the details of the MTC and the Canada Toronto West Mission!  YES!  She's going to Canada on her mission!

I told her that the people in Canada would love her as she is such a sweetheart!

We were just SOOO happy for her to finally get to go on her mission.  She will find quite a degree of Culture Shock in going to North America.  It will be fine, she will learn a lot and quickly!

President & Sister Funk always get their photo taken with the new missionaries. 

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