Friday, December 30, 2011

Seek & Ye Shall Find

We went visiting a few members with Elder & Sister Sharma.  
We had a local taxi driver who only spoke a little English (but he could speak Hindi with the Sharmas) take us around to the outlying areas, more like semi-rural areas, to look for the addresses we had been given by the Branch President.

 For a long time we searched these streets and couldn't find the address we were looking for.

 I thought it was good to see these 2 old fellows visiting out on the road.

 Our driver stopped to ask directions at the local drugstore.  Who would know better where someplace was than the druggist?  But, no. Notice that our driver has bare feet.

 This is the local fruit stand and vendor.

 This apartment building looks pretty with the cement cut in a scalloped pattern.

 This little child was just walking along by herself.  She looked so forlorn and lonely.

 Our driver stopped again for directions.  This time the bikers knew the area but not the particular house.
We never did find that house.  They figured that the house no longer exists.

 This fellow is riding an interesting looking contraption.

 And what about this fellow carrying a ladder while riding his bicycle!

 This is the outdoor market, more like a flea market, I think.

 This is the auto parking lot with the best shade trees in town.

Look!  It's the ice cream man!

 And so many school children!

 I just love the flowering trees that are everywhere and seem to grow without any care at all.

 Everywhere in India you will find the cocoanut milk (they call it water) salesmen.  They just cut off the end of the cocoanut and stick a straw in it for you to drink.  
Jerome said he didn't mind it, but it wasn't his favourite.

 Eureka!  (I have found it!)
 This is one of the homes that we visited. Most homes in this area are a 4-plex.  They have one front door, then inside you can turn to the left for A or to the right for B.  The same for up the stairs, C on the left and D on the right.

This lady was very kind to us, offering water to drink. Even though she was not expecting our visit she was friendly and warm towards us.

Her name is Jothi and her little guy is 2 years old.  She is expecting another baby in the Spring.  She didn't speak much English, but we managed a short visit with her.

 I don't remember Jothi's little boy's name.  He was so shy and wouldn't come to us.

This is a lovely street in the area that we were driving, and searching. There's not much traffic on these streets on a Saturday morning.
 Finally another success!  We found Preshanti and had a short visit with her.  
She is 20 yrs. old and comes to church occasionally. Her father is a cook and was making the food for the Branch Christmas party at that very moment.  It was fun to visit with her.

 She is such a tiny, sweet lady who seemed happy and well.  She remembered Sister Sharma from Church.

This sister was very sweet and seemed happy to visit with us for awhile.

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