Saturday, December 31, 2011

Boxing Day Breakfast

Along with the Bangalore Elders, Elder Wigg and I attended the Boxing Day Breakfast at the Mission Home.

President and Sister Funk cooked 'Funk Eggs' and potato wedges with fruit.  Then Sister Funk had made some special 'monkey bread' (similar to a cinnamon roll) with hot chocolate.  It was delicious!

 What a darling little Nativity Scene!

 And this one is cute, too.

 Everything was decorated and beautiful for Christmas.

 Sister Funk has a nice touch in her preparations and decorating.

 Just a few of the Elders that were there: Elder Sampara, Elder Westwood, Elder Massey, Elder Kumbhakar.

 We had a lovely Brunch together.  
President and Sister Funk can prove that they did the cooking as they still have their aprons on!  They look so cute today, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be together.  Thank you, to the Funks.

 The Elders enjoyed the 'monkey bread' as we all did.

 After we finished eating, we played some games.  We played 'Wise and Unwise', I think it was called.

 Sister Funk explained the rules.  You know the game.  You hear the first half of a saying, one person has the real finishing of it and everyone else makes up something.  Then each person votes on what they think is the real saying ending.
For instance, one saying was "In a chicken's dreams...." Then each person made up a possible ending.  The real ending is "barley is barley".

That evening we saw a beautiful sunset from the spare bedroom window. Beautiful!

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