Thursday, December 15, 2011

Butterfly Park

We visited the Bangalore Butterfly Park, located close to Bannerghatta.
It was fabulous!

 Poinsettia growing wild.  That makes it feel more like Christmas!

 White Hibiscus

 Beautiful Adult Butterfly

 This butterfly is almost ready to hatch out of it's pupa or cocoon.

 They had a butterfly release and Elder Wigg got to hold the butterfly before it flew off.

 Immanuel got to hold a couple butterflies, too

 These 2 adult butterflies are mating.  They stay like this sometimes for 2 hours.

 This little butterfly was only about 2 cm tall.  So small, but I still got a pretty good photo of him.

 After the butterfly mates, it lays eggs.  The stage after the egg is the caterpillar or larva.  This is the eating stage, where the caterpillar eats and stores energy for later.

 This caterpillar is from a different kind of butterfly egg from the one above.  It will be a different butterfly.

 This is the pupa or chrysalis.  This is the third stage in the life of a butterfly.  Many changes are happening inside.  The caterpillar is turning into a butterfly.

 Can you see this caterpillar?  He is hard to see as he blends in with his surroundings.  This helps to protect him from his enemies that would try to eat him if they could see him.

 These are the biggest butterflies here at the Park but you can't see them until around March or April.  The blue one is called 'Blue Mormon'.  I think that's funny!

 This is a new bird for me.  It's a Common Kingfisher.

 This butterfly was not inside the Park!  It's fun to see them all around us!

 This is a new bird for me, too.  It's called a "Red-wattled Lapwing".  Funny name!

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