Friday, December 9, 2011

BLR/CJB Zone Conference

December is Zone Conference Month.  President and Sister Funk travel to every corner of the IBM (India Bangalore Mission) meeting in multi-zone conferences.

We attended the Bangalore/Coimbatore Zone Conference.  It was fun and inspiring!

I had the flu the day before, so I only attended half a day, but was lucky enough to make it there for the photo session.

Setting up the troops!

 Bangalore and Coimbatore Zones (such a handsome group!)

 Let me just check the pictures before anyone else moves!

 Elder Tewari must be running for US Senate?

 President and Sister Funk presented all the Elders with their Christmas present.

 Elder Pimsakul isn't running for office, but he still has the smile!

 Bangalore 2rd District, Elder A. Sambaria, Elder Teki, Elder Prabhakar, Elder Westwood

 Bangalore District, Elder Nakkapalli, Elder Kant, Elder Srigiri, Elder Simson

 Coimbatore 2nd District, Elder  Smith, Elder Neelapu, Elder Kashyap, Elder Ashton

 Coimbatore 1st District, Elder Tewari, Elder Penumuru, Elder Badireddy, Elder P. Kumar

Which photo should Elder Tewari use in his future campaign for the Presidency?  He is a champion of freedom, and isn't afraid to declare it.  Go get 'em, Elder!
 Elder Tewari & Elder Teki

 A great Companionship, Elder Smith & Elder Neelapu

 Elder & Sister Wigg (yes, I still look sick!)

 The Rajahmundry Boys! Elder Badireddy & Elder Ardhila

 Elder Pimsakul, Elder Wigg and Elder Neelapu (these last 4 photos taken by Elder Ashton)

 Elder Smith, Elder Simson and Elder Westwood

 Elder Smith is a descendant of one of the early missionaries in India.  
Ya gotta love his "India Bangalore Mission" tie.  It's a classic!

Elder Neelapu, Elder Smith, Elder P. Kumar, having a great time together.

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