Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fun in Madinaguda

We attended the Madinaguda 2nd Branch Christmas Party while we were in Hyderabad.

 They played a game that went like this:  Each person had a balloon tied to their ankle and they had to try to pop the other person's balloon while protecting their own.  The last person with a balloon was the winner.  The kids had such a great time, as well as the adults, I think.

 Getting ready to go.

 Sister Sharma is right in their with the kids!

 This is a good action shot.  Can you see the yellow balloon that is being flattened?

 Elder Wigg has a few minutes to chat it up with a prospective missionary.

 This is referring to an Institute Teacher that teaches here, I believe. (Brother Suresh!)

 The second game was played in a large circle with a small table in the middle.  Each person got to roll the dice in a bucket as someone came around the circle and if you rolled doubles, you got to run to the table, put on the reindeer ears (or Santa Hat).  
Then you had to put on the oven mitt and reach into the bag of goodies for a treat.  It was fun to watch as so many people tried to reach into the bag without the oven mitt on!!

 This is a little child of one of the ex-pats that lives here.

 While the game was going on, I took some pictures of the little notes pinned to the Christmas Tree.  
They seem to be notes written about Jesus, or the testimonies of the Primary Children about Jesus and Christmas.
"1) He died for all of our sin.
2) Jesus saves me.
3) Jesus loves me and I love him!"

 "He did so many miracles on earth.
He guides and blesses to be safe.
He was born on 25 December, 2011 years before."

 "He did miracles, He helped people. He helped blind people.
He gives us good blessings (?). He forgives people.

 1) Jesus gives me Happy life
2) He gave me lovely parents
3) Jesus loves me to and I love so. 

 We all love Jesus. Why? Jesus saves us that's why we all love Jesus.

 Blessy is all dressed up beside the Christmas Tree.

 Elder & Sister Sharma with Elder Wigg, chillin'!

 Ya gotta love that smile with the reindeer antlers on!

 Elder Racharla and Elder Lara enjoying the party, too.

Elder Worton (soon to be transferred to Rajahmundry) 
and Elder Sampara (soon to be transferred to Bangalore 1st Branch!)

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