Thursday, December 15, 2011

Silent Night, Holy Night


We went carolling with some members of Bangalore 1st Branch.

 We saw some parts of Bangalore that we had not previously seen.

 For the first hour, Zack was the Santa.  He danced around and shook hands and handed out candy to the children.  Sometimes he was mobbed by children.

 The van would drop us off and we would walk to the homes of members of the branch.

 This sweet sister beside me and her 3 children live in this tiny one room home.
They sleep on a carpet on the floor, with the water pump outside, yet they are so happy. 

 This is another family that we visited.  We would start with a Christmas Hymn and then read a scripture about the birth of Jesus.  Then we would share a quote from a prophet about the importance of temples.  Each family was presented with a framed picture of the Salt Lake Temple and we had a word of prayer before departing with "We wish you a merry Christmas"!  

Every family served us food before we left.
By the time we were at the 4th of 6 homes, we were so stuffed that we had to start saying, "no, thank you" or "just a little, please".  We were dropped off at the Church at 9pm as the next section of town was going to be until 11:30.  What stamina these people have!

 Everyone was happy to see us and celebrated with us.

 Elder Wigg with his following of fans.

Selvan took the second hour as Santa.  The suit was so hot that it was a challenge to wear for even an hour.  Even in the evening, it's so mild that we haven't needed a jacket yet.

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