Sunday, May 6, 2012

After Lunch Routine

Today we made hamburgers and fries with fruit, cookies & ice cream with chocolate sauce.  I think they loved the beef the best.  We had all the toppings for the hamburgers, as well, and some of the Elders ate 3 burgers.  To me, that is satisfying to see.

 The Elders always wash the dishes after lunch, and I love that! (so does Elder Wigg)
This is a great group of Elders; 3 brown, 3 white
(well, Elder Vinck from Australia is OCI, Overseas Citizen of India)

You are probably used to this by now, but we always try to get a picture after lunch.

You know how much I love to get the photo of the event, right? And so it becomes the regular routine, which is now pretty well expected.  It's no problem.

 Sometimes the preparation pictures are more fun than the actual group photo.
 Elder Wigg here with Elder Sharma & Elder Kumbhakar
 Somebody must be pretty funny, but I missed it.
 Elder Sharma is horsing around with the camera remote control.  Now that's no surprise.
Elder Sharma (Assistant), Elder Sommer, Elder Vinck (new Assistant), Elder Fitzpatrick, Elder Kumbhakar, Elder Oraon
Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg, Sister Allison, Elder Allison 

Elder & Sister Allison are our house guests at the moment while they straighten out their registration and visa issues.  They can't wait to get back to Rajahmundry where their apartment and all their stuff awaits them.  But we are enjoying them while they're here.  They are from Cochrane, and have lived in Calgary and West Stake for 30 years.  We have been having fun figuring out what people we know in common.

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