Saturday, May 12, 2012

Odds & Ends

Sometimes there are a few photos that I want to blog, but they don't really fit into any theme.

But I want to post them here goes...

 One morning before coming to the Office, one of the Assistants, Elder Sharma, made me some Gulab Jamun.
 You buy the mix, well, at least, Elder Sharma did.  You mix up the pancake type batter, deep fry it, then place it into previously prepared sugar syrup.  It is so good. And only about a hundred thousand calories per bite.  
I should learn to make this!

This is Elder Sharma, my gulab jamun cook!

Zone Leader's Council
 Elder Miniyappa, Elder Patel & Elder Srigiri
Elder R Kumar, Elder Ganaparam
Elder Patel, Elder Srigiri
 Elder Raja, Elder Westwood
Elder Ram, Elder Badireddy
Elder Miniyappa, Elder Katuka
Sister Funk took this photo on her new camera.  It works well, as you can see.
These Zone leaders are an amazing group.  They are all Indian or OCI (overseas citizen of India).

Shankar, the office help, is helping Sister Hatch with her Flat Stanley.  It's pretty funny.

 Elder & Sister Wigg posing with Terence and his newly baptized mother, Rita.
 And Elder & Sister Tiefenbach with Terence and his mom.
 Terence was only baptized a few months ago and now he gets to baptize his mother, Rita.  
That is so exciting and wonderful!
Terence and his Mom, Rita, posing with Elder Fitzpatrick and Elder Kumbhakar & Mike.

Elder & Sister Allison out to dinner with Elder Wigg and his Indian Bride!!

And now, Friday night date night at the 4 Seasons restaurant with Elder & Sister ZoBell.  So fun!!

Well, folks, that's it for today.  Catch you bloggin' next time!

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