Wednesday, May 16, 2012

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I just like to stay up to date on the blog whenever possible.

I am busy in the office, and it looks like the future is gonna be more so.

We are so super excited about going to Hyderabad next week to help with and take part in the "All India YSA Conference" and the Hyderabad Stake creation.

"Arise and Shine Forth" is the theme!  Go Hyderabad!

I get to be the mission's official photographer as well as helping with the family history computer room.

I will be taking the photos for the Church News article that Sister Kellerstrass will be writing!!  
Wow, can you believe it!!  I am excited!

I am going to attach the photos from today.  Elder Wigg and I got up at 12:30 am to go to the airport to pick up a sister who was returning from her mission home to KGF Branch.  She has been serving for 18 months in the Philippines.  (We got back to bed by 3:30 am!)

 This is Sister Armugam who has returned from her mission, posing with her parents and 3 younger siblings.
 This is her family including her Aunt and Uncle.  They are from KGF Branch, which stands for Kolar Gold Fields.  KGF is part of the Bangalore Zone.
 Elder Vinck is tons of fun to have around the Office.  He is the new Assistant to the President from Melbourne, Australia!
 Elder Sharma, from Bangalore, is the other Assistant to the President. He's a pretty smart IT guy and great to have around the office. We really enjoy the Assistants.
 Elder Chelladurai, from Chennai, comes into the office regularly and helps with many jobs.  He saves us a lot of time through his service.
Elder and Sister ZoBell, who are currently residing at the "Wigg Residence", will be helping with the YSA Conference in Hyderabad, as well as all the mission couples.  Afterwards they will be going to Visakhapatnam for their mission service.  We are so excited for them as we love Vizag.  They will be staying in a nearby hotel until an apartment can be rented for them.  We know they will love the people in Vizag, but the spicy food could be a challenge.  "Give me a mountain to climb!"

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  1. Sister Wigg, I am a fan of your blog! :) Happy to hear about the upcoming Hyderabad Stake. That is fantastic news! The students from India attending BYU Hawaii introduced your blog to me last fall. They love the news from home.

    Give my regards to Elder Chelladurai - he is one of my favorites! If you by chance see Elder Ram, say "Aloha" to him from his Ohana (Hawaiian for family)

    Sister Rose Ram
    (Elder Trevor Ram's mom)