Friday, May 11, 2012

India Bangalore Mission Tour 2012

For 1 week in March there was a tour of the India Bangalore Mission.

President and Sister Funk traveled throughout the mission with President and Sister Watson.
They counselled, trained and encouraged the Elders in each Zone in the mission.

Here are some of the photos taken during the tour.

 Rajahmundry & Visakhapatnam Zones meet during the Mission Tour for instruction.
 Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai Zones meet together at Bangalore 2nd Branch building.
Hyderabad Zone meets here at West Marredpally Church for the mission tour Zone Conference.

Photos supplied by Sister Funk.  Great job, Sister Funk.


  1. It's so cool that you take your camera wherever you go and document like this. I bet the mission sure appreciates it!

  2. I do try to take my camera and document whatever I can, but at the same time, these photos were taken by Sister Funk as we were not on the Mission Tour. We stayed back and ran the office, as usual. But that's fine, it's our calling, right!

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