Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hyderabad Begins!

This week in Hyderabad should be HOT, HOT, HOT! ...and not just the weather!

Marigold Hotel is where the YSA Conference will be held on Friday and Saturday.
It's right next door to Green Park where we are staying.
 This is our hotel room.  It's very comfortable.
 Elder Kellerstrass has been amazing with the preparations for the conference.
 The couples are gathering.  Elder & Sister Hatch, ZoBell & Tiefenbach are eating lunch at the buffet at the Marigold.  It is so delicious!
 Kellerstrass' joined us and Elder & Sister Gibb for lunch.
 Elder & Sister Sharma are visiting with Elder & Sister Gibb on the outside steps.
 It's a wonderful buffet. On the right is the dessert buffet.  I particularly liked the rose petal ice cream which tasted like roses.  It was very good.
 This is the front entrance to the Marigold.
 The details are nicely done.
 Brother Sunil, President Gutty & President William (my boss).
 The brethren are also in need of nourishment. President Funk is on the right, Sunil on the left.
This is the stage prepared for a child's 1st birthday celebration.  It is super elaborate.  It is interesting, but not part of the All India YSA Conference.

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