Saturday, June 9, 2012

Participating in YSA Conference

Elder Wigg and I were privileged to participate in the 'All India YSA Conference'.

It was held in Hyderabad 25-27 May 2012 in conjunction with the creation of the first Stake in India.

I will only post a few photos here because I want you to go to the website for the YSA and then follow the link to look at the photos on that blog.  I have also done the YSA blog.

Website address is:

 First day of the young single adult conference we arrived at the train station at 4:14 am to take pictures.
 The first train to arrive was the train from Delhi.  They had been traveling for 31 hours.
 On the right is Vaibhav, a returned missionary from the India Bangalore Mission.
 Ashish, on the right, also served here.
 Kartik, on the left, was the 2nd Elder I sent home from this mission after we arrived in October 2011.
 Elder Wigg waiting for the Chennai train along with President May and the transportation team.
 This group of YSAs from Visakhapatnam has a returned missionary, Sister Ganta, second sister from the right.
 Elder Kellerstrass welcomes new arrivals to the courtyard at Green Park Hotel for registration.
 President Gutty seems to be enjoying the moment.
 Jasmin is my visiting teacher and I also visit her.  Go Bangalore 1st Branch!!
 And here is Zack.  It is such a beautiful area here.
 Mike and Terence are cousin brothers, 2 great new converts in Bangalore 1st Branch, looking forward to the fun weekend.
 Sister Michael has returned from her mission in Fiji.
 Rohith and Jake are also from my branch, Bangalore 1st Branch.
 Elder Wigg meets with Sudhakar, who is the past Assistant to the President, that we spent 4 months working with in the India Bangalore Mission Office.  He is a great and humble servant of the Lord.
This exemplifies the joy experienced by those coming to the YSA Conference!

 You know I love food, and dessert is my favorite.  They have great ice cream in India.  The white is pudding, I think, and the orange is like a sugar candy, not sure what it's called.
 The first 3 guys on the left are return missionaries from IBM playing the '2 minute date' game.  So fun!
 We learned some line dances.
 Sireesha, on the left, is one of the instructors.
 Go Zack!
Sireesha is one of my sisters going to Australia next week on her mission after so many delays.  

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