Friday, June 29, 2012

A Visit to the Kumar's

This week has been eventful.

We went to visit the Kumar family at their home on Sunday to talk about the Hong Kong trip.

We are escorting Brother and Sister Kumar and their 2 little daughters to the Hong Kong Temple this week to be sealed together, so we needed to discuss a few things.

This is their neighbourhood.

 This is a nice quiet area.
The trees are beautiful. The electricity wires are always a little scary.
 These are their darling daughters, who will be coming to Hong Kong with us.
Aren't they adorable! 
But I think they were a little scared of me with my camera, as they just wouldn't smile!  Almost, but not quite.
This is the photo I took of the Kumar family at Church back in April.
What a beautiful family!  It should be a fun week in Hong Kong!

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