Friday, June 15, 2012

Meals (edited)

Everyday we eat meals.

Some are pretty normal, North American food.  Some are very Indian.

But we love the food. And the people that we eat out with are also great.

First, let's look at Indian!!  Ah, Andhra Meals!

(the word 'Andhra' comes from the state just to the north of us called Andhra Pradesh where these meals originated)
The Assistants, Elder Vinck & Elder Sharma love eating 'meals'!
This is our second time eating here at 'SreeDevi' Hotel Restaurant.  We love it.
(we both just got haircuts, does our hair look super short, or what!)
 Elder Vinck's Mom will like this photo better than the first one!! (he said so)
 This was our first server.
So, the plate is a banana leaf and you eat with your hand, in typical Indian style.  They just pile the different foods in separate piles and you add to your plain rice whatever you want.  It's fun, hot, spicy and delicious!  You gotta try it!
On the far right is dahl then in the middle is vegetable curry, on the left is vegetables.
The sauces I'm not yet familiar with, except on the far right, the white one, is dahi, curd or we call it plain yogurt. The curd helps to cool the fire and makes everything taste creamy.
 Elder Wigg gets into his food, too!
 It's all you can eat for 90 rupees.  They keep coming around with more food! My 'mini meal' costs only 75 rupees ($1.5) and I just get one large bowl of rice, more than I can eat.
 I don't mind eating with my hand now.  I've learned how, adapted you might say.
Elder Katuka would be proud of me, as Elder Wigg is!
 Of course, Elder Sodadasi has grown up with this.  To him a fork is strange to eat with!
Elder Smith has more than adapted.  He's nearly Indian!
Yup, this is how it's done!

Now let's look at some North American Food we have eaten!

 Chinese Chicken Crunch Salad, very yummy!
 We enjoy our time out with the couples.
 Elder Wigg and I ate with the ZoBell's at California Pizza Kitchen, a newly opened American food restaurant.  It is really good food, I think, but pretty pricey for here.
Elder & Sister ZoBell
Barbequed Chicken Salad was fabulous!
Family Home Evening activity was dinner out with President & Sister Funk and Elder & Sister Kellerstrass at our favourite Tex Mex Restaurant, 'Habanero'.
It was really fun and delicious!
For dessert we went next door to 'Swensen's' and had ice cream.  I had a double hot fudge sunday.

 Moroccan Chicken Salad - just wonderful!
 Our dear friends, Elder & Sister Kellerstrass are heading back to Sri Lanka again.  So long for now.
 Is Elder Wigg looking thinner?  I think so.
I think the pizza is delicious at California Pizza Kitchen.

On Tuesday we went to Jennifer's house for dinner.  Jennifer is my new visiting teaching companion.
 Jennifer made ghee rice, beef meatball curry and fried fish.  It was really good and we ate too much!
 This is dinner at Jennifer's house.  Jasmin (one of my visiting teachers) came as well. 
We ate with our right hand, as is the custom in India.  
They bring you a finger bowl to wash after the meal.  

You will probably notice my bare feet.  A person takes off their shoes outside the door before entering someone's house. That is the polite custom.

 Elder Kumbhakar and Elder Fitzpatrick also came for dinner.  Notice their ties are tucked inside the buttons on their shirts.  There is no way these ties will get into the curry!
This is Jennifer, our hostess, and her mother.

We ate dinner at the Four Seasons Restaurant, one of our favourite places to eat.
They are getting to know us there so they kind of know what we like and anticipate our wants, and that is fun.
 What a cute peacock napkin!
 Elder Emrich and Elder Chelladurai have been helping us in the office.  Elder Emrich has typed in 42 baptismal records (creating a Church membership) for me over the last 3 days and I am so grateful for that help.  And it is Elder Chelladurai's birthday today so we treated them to dinner.
 Yup, this is Elder and Sister Wigg.
We really enjoy the missionaries, and have gotten to know these 2 Elders quite well over the last while. They are so funny and fun to have around, helping in the office.

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