Friday, June 15, 2012

The Fort

I loved visiting Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad.  There were some amazing sights.

 Looking in through the gates
 Some great old architecture

 Look at the beautiful details.
 In the clapping portico...clapping, of course.

 It was over 108 degrees this day and we were short of time, so we didn't walk up to the top of the castle.

 Elder & Sister Kellerstrass with Elder Wigg and Sunil, saying it's time to go. I do a lot of work with Sunil in regards to visa applications, and technical support.

 This family is enjoying their celebration, laughing over the spilling of the pop, it seems.

 Fabulous archways
 Such great lines and angles.  You know I love lines and angles!
 So pretty looking through the arches
 We have become good friends with Elder & Sister Kellerstrass.
 It was such fun to be out together seeing a few sights!
There is beauty all around the fort.

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