Saturday, June 16, 2012

My half sari

I had the great opportunity to lead the Bangalore 3rd Branch Choir at Saturday night District Conference.  
I was excited to do it as I had never led a choir before.  We practiced for 2 months and had 14 ladies show up to sing on the night.
The Choir dress code was red or black, so I decided to get a dress sewn for me.  Sister Kellerstrass and I went together to 'Bogineni' and she helped me with fabric choice and style.  We picked red raw silk and a half sari style.

Jerome and I just prior to Bangalore District Conference.

The singing went well (you ladies sounded fabulous, and looked beautiful!), though the scheduling had a few wrinkles.  But it all came out well in the end.

When we got back to the flat, I took a few photos.

This is my half sari, or skirt, blouse and dupatta scarf.
So the way this works is this: You first put on the skirt and blouse, like any North American clothes.  Then you begin at the waist and pin on the dupatta.  Then it folds on the shoulder like any regular sari, which is wrapped once around the body.

It turns out pretty cool, and is comfortable to wear. Do you like it?


  1. Gorgeous dress! I imagine the fabric feels fabulous!

  2. It is really great fabric and is comfortable to wear. Thanks for commenting. Hey, when is Colby home?

  3. Colby got home on Friday! It's been the BEST......but CRAZIEST weekend by far. With all our kids and granddaughter home for the entire weekend. Suddenly this house seems VERY small. HA ha. But's it's been a great Father's Day weekend.

    Thanks for asking! P.S. He reports in both wards on Sunday coming up. And.......Corey is waiting for his mission call. Will let you know soon when he gets it.

    1. Thank you for that update. It's so wonderful to have the family together. Now for Corey!! Good for him. Let us know when he get it! We are waiting for a few calls here in the Mission Office, too.