Saturday, June 30, 2012

Karthik got his call!

We have been submitting so many mission calls for young men and women to go on missions from the India Bangalore Mission.

Recently there have been so many calls arrive.  When they arrive, we send them out to the excited faithful ones waiting patiently.

Today, Karthik got his call and opened it in the office so we got to see.

 His brother, Rohith, is along for moral support.  It's fun to watch.
 Okay, he's opening up his call packet!
 He's opening....
 Elder Wigg is encouraging him to just rip it open!
Karthik was happy to get his call and is willing to go wherever the Lord wants him to serve.  He will be going to the India New Delhi mission.  
We are sad to lose him as we'd really like him to serve here in our mission.  But he will be a good missionary serving in Delhi, as well.

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