Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sisters In Zion

"Sisters in Zion" was the theme for the final Relief Society party held for the Bangalore 1st Branch Relief Society.  With the formation of 2 new branches in Bangalore there were boundary changes which meant there were many changes to peoples lives and that is hard.

We had a party and celebrated the sisterhood we've felt in the 1st Branch.  We talked about change, growth and supporting our leaders.  We watched a couple videos and played games of sharing dreams and fears. It was fun.

We are all Sisters in Zion!
 Relief Society Sisters in Zion, together for the last time at the McDonald home
 Esther, more lovely that the flowers
 2 sisters: Esther & Hepsiba
 Julie, Jasmin & Katrina
 Sister Wigg, Sister Julie, Sister Jennifer, Sister Katrina, Sister Portia, Sister Danita
 Jasmin & Usha

 Cutting the cake is always a ceremony, feeding to someone.
We had so much good food to eat: Samosas, spicy Chicken, cinnamon rolls, peanut butter cookies, and cake with pop to drink.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

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