Saturday, March 17, 2012

Borra Caves

We hiked through Borra Caves, very interesting.

 The entrance to the park and caves.
 Good sign.  Okay, I'm good with that.
 Our first view of the river valley below.
 So many stairs, a good workout for the legs.

 Interesting stalagmites inside the caves.
 One shaft of sunlight comes through.
 The entrance to the caves is massive.
 Jerome and I, inside Borra Caves.
 Looking back at the overhead hole in the rock.
 Some people worship here along the way.
 East coast railway directly overhead.  Crazy.
 The lighting was soft and if I set my camera to 3200 iso I got decent shots inside with no flash.
 Stalagmites, I think
 Notice the line through the rock.
 Interesting rock formations.  There seemed to be fault lines through the rock.

 While we were in the deepest recesses of the caves, the lights went out.  We could see nothing.  At first we were a little scared but then we held onto each other and the rod of iron (handrail) and we felt fine.

 Asha sitting in a shaft of sunlight.
 This is a pretty good shot taken inside the caves.
 There were lots of monkeys at the entrance to the caves.
 These are a different type of monkey as they have a short tail.

 The view of the river valley was great.
 The happy wanderers, Anisha, Jerome & Asha, back out of the caves.
I put this here, just in case you want to read about the caves.

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