Monday, March 5, 2012

A Hilltop Park

We enjoyed a ride up the tram and the view of the city of Vizag.
Kailasagiri is the name of the ropeway Tram?  I think the park is called Kailash Hill Park.

This is the park at the bottom of the hill.

The tram was so hot inside but fun to go up.
It is kind of smoggy, so hard to see clearly very far.

These are the stairs that we walked back down from the top as the tram wasn't working for a while.
These are our fans waving at us as we pass them, going up.

Asha, our tour guide. She is doing a great job!
 It was so hot, but beautiful and fun to see.
The smoggy view of the beach and Bay of Bengal.
The lovely Asha

This clock kept the time accurately.
glorious colours and walkways
Park entrance archway
 It's interesting how some of the ads are North American.

 I wish my grandkids could rid this curly slide...
 ...or have a pony ride.
Lovely park, with well tended gardens.

 We bought some cold drinks here.  It was refreshing as we were very hot.
This turtle was huge and fun for the kids to play under, I believe.

We walked down the stairs from the hilltop.  It was a cool place to visit.

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