Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We held a Bangalore 1st Branch Young Single Adult Family Home Evening at our apartment.

6 Young Single Adults came.

We ate Chicken Curry with plain rice and had Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Treat.

 We had a really fun time.  After dinner, we had a lesson on Jacob 5 and discussion on Indian culture vs. Church culture.  That was good.  Then we played "Do you love your neighbour".  So fun!
 In attendance was, from left to right, back row, Tony, Elder Wigg, Richard, Jennifer.
front row: Selvyn, Uday, Karthik, Sister Wigg
These are such great young people.  We are totally loving the Indian people in general but more especially the members of the Church.  They are generally humble and wanting to grow in the gospel, with sweet testimonies and tender hearts.

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