Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hiking to the Waterfall

We had a wonderful visit into Araku Valley.  We took a taxi, arranged for us by Asha, up the crazy winding roads to Araku valley.

 These are the flooded rice fields, terraced to hold the water. You can also see the man working the field in the water with his oxen.
 At one point we stopped and waited for 20 minutes for a train to pass.
 This is our cab and driver.
 This is the jeep that we rode in.  I sat in the front.
 Gathering, preparing to leave.
 A local tribal home.
 The road was super rocky in places and dusty in others.
 4x4ing on these reads was an experience.
 Approaching the entrance gate.
 Is this the name of the park, or waterfall?  I'm not sure.
 The gate attendant
 It was a little hazy, but beautiful.
 It was so beautiful along the way.
 A local vendor selling his wares.
 Sometimes there were steps.
 There were ups...
 ...and downs.
 Just a local watching us pass.
 Here you can see the waterfall from a distance.

Thanks, Asha, for taking our picture on the hike.
 Other hikers playing lower down on the falls.
 We had a fun time.
 Asha & Anisha, sister cousins.
 Along the way.
 We're just about there.

 Some spots of the hike were more adventurous than others.
 We crossed over the edge of the waterfall holding a stick, lashed handrail.
 Jerome made it to the top!
 Asha was a wonderful subject for my photo-taking obsession.
 Imagine how much water would course over this falls in the rainy season.
 This is the view of the country from the top.
 It is so beautiful at the top.
 This is the handrail to get to the base of the waterfall.
 I also made it to the top of the mountain.

 I love this picture of Asha & Anisha.  It is so natural and soft in the morning natural light.
 Asha & Anisha at the top of the mountain.
 This is the lady at the chip stand, a local tribal woman.
 We bought some chips from this vendor.
 They offered to cook us a meal of Bamboo Chicken.  These are the chickens, waiting.
 And again over the same roads back down the mountainside.
 Our view of the countryside.
This was our jeep driver.  He seemed like a good driver, but over terrible roads.

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