Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seeing more in Bangalore

There is so much to see in Bangalore.  We spent a day in an auto just looking at places we have not yet seen around the city of Bangalore.  It was a fun day.

Outside the Shiva Hindu Temple in Bangalore on 100 Feet Road.
Every ribbon tied on represents a prayer that was spoken for someone.

We walked through long halls inside the caves.

Inside the caves, there was ice, slowly melting and dripping.
Shiva Temple was very interesting to see.
Side by side seeing the sights.
 I love this picture! 2 cultures...side by side...both so different...yet very similar in many ways.
The 3 of us squished into the back of an auto.  Thanks, Baskar, for taking us around for the day.
Uday was the guide and explained the many things we saw. He also advised and acted as buffer to things around us.
 Fabulous silks everywhere you look.
 One of the main shopping streets in this area of Bangalore.
We walked through small alleyways.
This shop was the most colorful that we saw.
The mango vender.  It's coming up on mango season and I'm eating one a day, at least.
 We had to walk around this cow on the sidewalk.
 The trees are massive and provide much needed shade.
 These are local Government Buildings. -new here
 These are the older Government Buildings.
Everywhere is greenery...oh, and autos.
We arrived at Sankey Tank and it was closed and locked to the public.
So Uday asked "is there a phone number we could call.  We just want to take some pictures for a few minutes?"  So he called, asked in what he called minimal Kannada and we were given permission to go inside.  That was amazing.  He said he was very polite and he said he had some foreigners here to take pictures. We were impressed.
 It was pretty inside the park.
 I love the lines and color.
 Uday spoke with the locals.
 The park is well tended and clean.
I think this is a Black Kite.  He's a beautiful bird and we watched several of them fly, land, drink and take off again.  It was fun.
 This looks like a goose house.
 Jerome and Uday conversing.  I love the colors and the lines and angles in this picture.
Ah, there's the smiles. Well, one smile.

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