Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To Mysore by Train

We took a day trip to Mysore by train.  It was fun and we saw a whole different view of things.

 Jerome has always wanted to take the train, but we had no idea that it was sleeper bunks like this. There are 6 bunks to each cubicle.  It was an eye-opener to how the trains work.
 Here is the sleeper cubicle.  The top and bottom bunks are there, and the middle bunk is now being used as a backrest.  If you look closely, you can see me in the mirror taking the picture.
 I look pretty tired here.  We were up at 4:30 to catch the train by 6 am, and even then we had to run through the station to get the train on time.
 The sun rises on another wonderful day in India.
 Uday with our driver, Shankar, at breakfast.
 The happy couple, travellers, getting ready to eat.
 This was breakfast consisting of igly (white rice pattie) which is torn off and dipped in the 2 sauces. And wada, the donut shape, which is eaten the same, torn and dipped.  The sauces were dahi (yogurt) and a spicy curry sauce.  It wasn't really hot, though. It was all good.  Then we had a small dish of rice pudding, sort of.  It was also good, I thought, but Jerome said it wasn't sweet enough.
 Here is the Restaurant where we ate breakfast, Sree Annapoorna.  Very nice inside, as well.
We hired an auto for the day.  Here is our driver, Shankar, and his rig.  Pretty nice, in good shape.

 We visited a Botanical Garden
The Aviary was cool.  So many pheasants and peafowl.
 I haven't been able to determine what kind of pheasant this might be.
 But look at how pretty he is when he struts his stuff!
A young peacock just growing his tail feathers.
Here is a lovely White Peacock.
 I wanted this peacock to spread his tail, but this is the best he would give me.  So beautiful, still!
The beauty just keeps on coming.
Namascar from Uday
So many places in Mysore are beautiful, like this tree lined street.

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