Sunday, September 2, 2012

Even Zone Leaders have to eat!

We had 12 Elders over for supper this week.

It was Zone Leader Council on Tuesday and they had been at the Mission Home all day. Sister Funk always feeds them well during the day.

In the evening they often go out for a meal together before they begin to return to their areas.
I thought it would be fun if they came in for a meal, instead of going out.  

It saves them some money and we get to enjoy their company.

 Elder Wigg always enjoys the boys (er...the Elders)!
 I made a pan of Lasagna to satisfy the North American taste buds that are feeling neglected.
 I also made Chicken Biryani (I'm getting good at it).  
Kannagi made the rotis (flat bread), dahl and 2 vegetable dishes.
 We also had fresh veggies and fresh fruit, like normal.  Then we had birthday cake, as it was Elder Vinck's birthday.
 Elder Coombs, Elder Smith & Elder Ram
 Left to right: Elder Sodadasi (on the end), Elder Katuka, Elder Lara, Elder Raja, Elder Wigg
Front: Elder Racharla, Elder Sharma, Elder Dass, Elder Vinck (the birthday boy!)
 We sang 'Happy Birthday' to Elder Vinck and ate chocolate cake.
 Back row, l to r: Elder Dass, Elder Lara, Elder Smith, Elder Coombs, Elder Badireddy, Elder Sodadasi, Elder Ram, Elder Racharla, Elder Raja, Elder Katuka
Front: Elder Vinck, Sister Wigg, Elder Wigg, Elder Sharma

 We always have a fun time when the Elders are over.
 Still, Elder Sharma cannot be trusted with the Remote Control.  
He always takes some random weird shots.
 I said 'switch'! So we moved around and now, order is once more restored!  So fun!

Thanks, Elders, for making it a fun hour.  They didn't stay long as some had to catch a train.

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