Thursday, September 13, 2012

Preetha & Srikanth's Wedding

We enjoyed attending the Wedding of Preetha & Srikanth.
 Preetha is a beautiful bride.
 Elder Smith at the piano. I think it can be adjusted to be an organ, too, or a player piano.

 The Elders are planning the music.
 Elder Christensen, Elder Sodadasi, Elder Braun, Elder Smith
 Cute little bridal party.
 Everyone helps with the veil train.
 They walk together up to the front.
 Sister Tracy gives a tribute to the bride.
 The sisters sing.
 Then the ceremony is performed by President Mudumala.
 President David, Brother Abel, President Mudumala
 Brother Abel, Pres Mudumala, Srikanth, Preetha, Tracy, Pres David
Introducing the newlyweds, Srikanth & Preetha!
Elder Sodadasi, Elder Smith and Elder Wigg stand with the newlyweds.
A few more of us sneak into the picture.  The only bad part is that I have to turn my camera over to someone else, right?
Sister & Elder Wigg
Tracy and her friend who is living in Idaho at BYU Idaho.
Tracy took a few pics of us before the reception.
The decorations are beautiful and so colourful.  
You will notice that the groom's name has his last name first as only an initial, which is quite common.  The bride's name is written as her first name and last name initial next.
When the photographer arrived he took a couple more shots of us.
It was fun.  Hey, where's your name tag, Elder Wigg?
Yup, it's amazing, but we still love each other!

They are going to cut the cake, but...
...first Elder Wigg says a prayer. Then they cut the cake.  It's actually a fake cake, with just a little wedge of cake for cutting and eating.
The bride and groom feed each other first.
 It is deemed to be a great honour to eat cake from the hand of either of the newlyweds.
Posing for photos before the guests start coming up to bring their gifts and get their picture taken.
Preetha is beautiful!
Her sari almost sparkles under the soft lights. Srikanth and Preetha, now married!
When we first met Preetha, she was just returning from her mission in Fiji, in the Spring.
 We also got our photo taken with the Bride and Groom.
 The Chicken kebobs are deep fried.  The flame is gas fed from the pipe below.
The meal was very good, with Chicken Biryani (center), kebobs (at 12 o'clock), Raita, the white onion and curd (yogurt) mixture. 

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